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Woman liberalisation has brought many words in the modern dictionary like feminism, bra burners and ballbusting. There has been many seminars and conferences where feminists, big thinkers and sociologists have talked about the meaning of woman rights. Our society has always been patriarchal in nature. We live in a society where man has always dominated over woman in all spheres. Be it in your workplace or home affairs, woman has been a secondary object in all decision making and discussion. But things are changing in a better way and we can smell a fresh breath of air where women are overtaking men.

There are situation and circumstances where we are taking opinion from our fairer side. There are areas where women are overshadowing men. In fact according to an independent survey done by European organisation women are better choice than men when it comes to stability at work. The survey says that women are more determined, hard working and focussed than men at any given task at work. The concept of ballbusting has also been described in this survey. It has been described in the survey that there are few women who can be dominating over men and can make anything done from a man by their power of wooing.

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